Friday, July 11, 2008

The shortest potty training attempt ever

Today I woke up feeling unusually ambitious. I have unpacked all the boxes and found homes for almost everything, so I felt the need for a new challenge. The girls are up in Michigan spending time with family until Monday, so my life is relatively calm this week. As I snuggled my boys on my soft couch and drank my morning's coffee, I thought to myself, "Today might be a good day to potty train the boy! With the girls gone and no plans, I bet we could tackle this skill easily!" I excitedly got out the potty chair, the colored marshmallows, the chocolate milk, and told my son of my plans during breakfast. I mentioned the food first, so of course he was agreeable.

Breakfast is over, time to start the fun! Instant success! Praise for the boy, a victory dance, and one colored marshmallow- this is a piece of cake! (the chocolate milk was reserved for the BIG success, #2) Next I got him dressed, WITHOUT a diaper (I told you I was feeling ambitious) which absolutely freaked him out at first. Once I explained to him that Daddies and big boys don't wear diapers, and neither does he now that he can use the potty, he was agreeable and did a little dance about it.

Then I introduced him to his little blue potty- a portable one which I intended to bring downstairs with us. As I picked it up, he was flailing around the bathroom doing who knows what, and somehow the potty chair whacked him in the lip. HARD. Screams and blood and the whole works.

He did not stop bleeding right away, so rather than risk blood drops all over the house, I figured we should stay in the bathroom for a few minutes while I hung some pictures. The two little boys play together with bath toys while I get one picture on the wall, when all of a sudden I sniff- "Baby, are you stinky?" The big son laughs and says "Yeah he's stinky," when I notice the brown blob by the BIG son's foot. And on his leg, and his other leg, and the cupboard.... A stinky blob, that my big boy does not even NOTICE in the least- He really thought it was the baby. It had been approximately 4 minutes since he has been on the potty.

So I stood there in my freshly-painted bathroom with the blood spots on the floor and the little big boy covered in poop he can't smell, and I decided we are just not ready for this.

The idea, the preparation, the excitement, and the attempt- the retreat- over just like that! After his bath we were both relieved to go back to diapers and forget any of this ever happened.


  1. UH-OH!! Doesn't sound very encouraging. Hope it goes better for you in a few weeks/months (year?) Hope the girls are having fun in MI!

  2. Awwww! Poops are discouraging because they are such a mess, especially the runny ones. So far pee has been much easier to manage. Good luck with your next attempt!

  3. LOL I would have given in too! I found your blog via another blog. New follower now. This is a great story. I am currently potty training my 2 year old. Thanks for the laughs!

    1. Good luck Shelly Ann! I hope it goes better than this attempt... but please, give yourself permission to quit! :)

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