Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If it isn't fun it won't get done!

It is official... flylady is a genius!

She says "If it isn't fun, it won't get done!" Well to me, 7 months pregnant, anything at all related to cleaning the floors or anything below my knees has become the opposite of fun. My dear husband put up some new WONDERFUL shelves in the basement to help me get organized, and after I had a ball doing that I realized the floors and especially the gym mats could use a good cleaning. SO, I thought, I have a few little people who live much closer to these dirty floors than I do, and they do not have to choke on baby feet or last night's dinner when they bend over.... how can I get them to help me?

Introducing.... SUMMER PLAY TIME! Today was a snow day (no school), so I told the kids we were going to pretend it was summer in our basement. They even got to wear their swimsuits to the "lake" (the blue gym mats). Of course, the lake needed water (warm soapy water) which they cheerfully scrubbed all over the mats. Then they pretended it was a SLIP N SLIDE for a long time. When they got tired of that I got out the scrub brush (which they FOUGHT OVER) and let them play "car wash!"

Meanwhile, my big belly and I sat on the couch laughing and taking pictures and video. All were happy, and work was getting done at the same time!  Oh, blessed, rare moment!


  1. That is a fantabulous idea! I'll have to tuck that away for later! :) I totally understand choking on baby feet and last night's dinner! :)


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