Saturday, May 14, 2011

big plans

Behold, young brothers, the land we shall conquer together.
Take up your sticks, and set your jaw for the mountain top.
Let not the snake or the coyote make you tremble; together we will prevail against our foes.

Remember the days of old, in our mother's basement. 
She patronized us, calling our work "noisy downstairs time." 
Her eyes saw but did not see the warriors in training;
her ears heard screams, but could not hear them as the battle cries of those who would one day conquer the wilderness.

Recall the hours practicing with sword and with sheild, and bring to mind the techniques and maneuvers we perfected on each other.
Of the injuries sustained, was there one that did not heal? 
No, each one made us stronger and wiser,
and prepared us for a moment of glory.
Today, we shall reap the reward of those days of pain and hardship.

Onward, little brothers, into the wild!
I'll be right behind you.

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  1. I LOVE IT!!! :D You make everything sound so EPIC!


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