Friday, May 27, 2011

Come my soul with mommy cares

Come my soul with mommy cares
Jesus loves to answer prayers
He Himself bids moms to pray
He will help you through this day

With my baby I begin,
What, O what, is wrong with him?
Always such a happy guy
Why does he just want to cry?

Lord I come to thee with boys
Fights and mess and dirt and toys
Hold my tongue and guide my ways
Make kindness, love fill up our days

Lord I come to thee for joys
Even in the midst of noise
Wild and messy is my home
Still there’s peace in You alone

Trials and sadness, Lord, You see,
You have mercy constantly
Sins you take and grace you give
Death you conquered so we live

Fill our hearts with love and faith
In your hands, Lord, hold us safe
Keep us in your grace and love
Guard us ‘till we’re safe above

Build our house, Lord.

An extra verse just for today:

Open up my bleary eyes,
I'm so tired I could cry
Hold me up or I'll collapse
Help us make it until naps!

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