Tuesday, May 10, 2011

more data

In the van, on mother's day, I had the opportunity to collect more data regarding the temperaments of each of my dear children simply by listening to their conversation.

The instigator
"Girls rule and boys drool!"

The instigated
"No boys rule and YOU drool!!!"

The hungry literalist
"Food rules and babies drool!"

The peacemaker
"Boys and girls rule and nobody drools!"

The budding theologian
"God rules and everybody drools!"

The daddy bear
"Alright! That's enough drooling and ruling!"


  1. I love the budding theologian's comment... lol Soooo true...

  2. Yes..
    and she explained
    "Mama, everybody does drool because everyone was a baby once, and ALL babies drool!"

  3. LOL. That is great theology. Thanks for the laugh.


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