Saturday, May 7, 2011

my foot hurts

This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you...
Seriously, it is. 

Banning TV for four days.  It hurts us all. 
All week I have hunted, I have searched, I have stretched my creative muscles, trying to find that one consequence that would get their attention.  Something, anything, that would make their little faces turn serious, open their ears, and remove the smirking for even just a few minutes.

But smirk they did, as they unleashed their wild little-boy energy on my house and each other all week long. 

There is some debate in the Cook house about whether or not this is worse than the time daddy banned the boys from all cars, every single toy with wheels, for a weekend.  That punishment required much work on mommy's part, gathering up the cars from every corner of the house and so forth.

But, it is argued by some, cars do not also babysit your children. 
TV... oh TV... you will be missed this weekend.

May this weekend of suffering yield the peaceful fruit of righteousness. 
Or at least one tiny little grape...  Lord have mercy!


  1. When we moved back to the States we made the decision to get rid of the satellite system hooked up by the friend who was house sitting. Since we had cousins visiting from overseas and was summer we decided to wait until school started to unhook it. But after finding all 5 kids plopped in front of the cartoons when they were supposed to be feeding animals, I unplugged everything and boxed it up for our friends to return to the company. We did buy a converter (our TV isn't HD) so we can watch PBS and network shows, but the temptation isn't as strong. The TV and the DVD player turn off and the remotes get *lost* oh, so easily.

    Hang in there! At least it's warm out and you make them go outside and burn off some of that energy.

  2. We only have over the air/PBS/videos too, and I am perfectly OK with that. We made it through just fine and they learned that they can survive without it. But I am glad for it back, if only for that first groggy half hour in the morning when they let me drink my coffee in peace if they have something to stare at! :)


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