Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sermon squirm

Was it just me?

Today during the children's sermon, pastor was talking to our squirmy little ones about cleaning their rooms.  He said, "It's not always something you want to do, is it kids?"  They all shook their heads. 

Then he said, "When your mom tells you to clean your room, but you don't do it, what does she do?"

That sentence was my cue for squirming.  And breath-holding.  Who's going to speak, and what are they going to say?

Kudos to the little girl who spoke (not mine!) and mentioned being sent to the corner! 
And thanks to God for His mercy, for sparing me (and other mothers?) the experience of a public airing of my sins!


  1. I have a really funny story that goes in the files as My Most Embarrassing Moment in Church:

    Son #2 acted HORRIBLE in church. After the service was over and we were still sitting in our pew waiting to leave I whispered to him, "When we get home, you are getting a swat."

    He responds, "What?"

    Son #3 (speaking so loudly, I'm sure most of the congregation could hear) "When we get home, Mama's gonna whip your butt !!"

    (swinging his hands in air) "POW !! POW !!"

    Thankfully, we have been here for some time and our parishioners knows us well.

  2. Monique, that is great! Totally something that would happen to me!


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