Tuesday, June 4, 2013

today's peptalk

Rebloggged from 5/20/11
I still need this.

Today's Peptalk

Morning coffee and prayer time-- essential to my survival.  It is worth the minutes the children waste in front of the television (and besides, it's educational TV!)  

I used to try to do this before they all got out of bed, but I simply cannot function that way.  My eyes are so bleary, and I so easily fall back into sleep if I do not have my coffee in front of me.  And if I get the coffee, they will hear me, and I will be sabotaged.  So I do the "get them fed, dressed, and ready for school" routine before I sit with my coffee.  On the plus side, I have a longer time to sit when the girls are off and the boys are fed and in front of TV.  On the negative side, there is always something I need to ask forgiveness for by this hour of the day.  My fresh starts do not stay fresh for long at all.  (but really, HOW hard is it to get your shoes on in a timely manner! rgh!)

So that's where I am at this moment.  And it's time for my morning peptalk.  (Which, I always remind myself, is much better than my old peptalk.)

OK mama, drink your coffee deeply, breathe deeply, and brace yourself for this day.

Today I am a mother of six young children.  Today will be noisy and disorganized.  There will be arguments, clutter, spills, and interruptions.  If I get to start anything on my list, it will likely be interrupted by something trivial.  Today the little ones will require supervision to keep them safe and lots of cleaning up after.  Today the older ones will require attention and emotional connection.  They all will require many, many, many words. Today, everything will not get done.

Lord, please give me what I need to do this job today!  I am constantly tempted to take my daily frustrations personally.  Please guard me from anger and unkind words.  Make me a wise and gentle mother, and give me the patience to help the children learn from their various conflicts today.  You have given me these people to love, and my heart is entirely too small for this job.  Enlarge my heart with Your own love, that they may grow up blessed by You.  Help me to see the joy and wonder in each of the children, and to be grateful for these days with them that are passing by so quickly.  May Your forgiveness and grace be the air that we breathe in our little home.  Build our house, Lord, that our work may not be in vain.


  1. Beautiful.
    I actually gave up on morning devotions (sad, I know) - after everyone is in bed just seems to work better. I'm not a morning person, and as soon as I wake up the dog needs to go out, the baby needs to nurse, etc. Yet if you manage it with 6 - I think maybe I better reconsider :-)

  2. LOL
    I am not so organized as I appear. In fact, you inspired my next post :) Enjoy!

  3. Em, I am so deeply relating to your posts this week!

    If I get up before they do, it is only to sit down on the couch and fall back asleep until they come crawling all over me.

    Lately, my three year old especially requires many, many many many words. So many words I am sick of talking by about 9am.

    1. I had a headache today I am sure was caused simply by the quantity of words directed at me.

  4. Oh Emily,
    I do remember. I am a grandma to 6, Mom to 3 (plus 3 inlaws). But I have memories. What I will share is to ENJOY each minute of every day. You do not get those minutes back (only memories). So if it takes longer, you don't get done what is on your plan - relax - God has it all under control. Rely on Him to carry you through and to feel joy in everything.
    I love how you have scheduled your time with God.
    Many blessings,
    I am following you from Wisdom Wednesday.
    Janis www.janiscox.com


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