Wednesday, June 8, 2011

it will not always be crumbling

Feeling tired this week? A little world-weary?

Take a minute to look up, to look ahead, to remember where we are headed! God is faithful, and He will keep us safe in Christ Jesus until that glorious day when we see every one of His promises fulfilled!  Praise God, it will NOT always be this way!

Here are some things I have found encouraging this week:
and listen to this:

Issues, Etc: The Resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15
Click here to listen!

Pray with me, dear Christian friends:

Heavenly Father, 
Open my eyes, and help me see my life from the perspective of eternity.  Here I am surrounded by a mixture of blessings and trials, in a world that is both thriving and crumbling.  Help me to remember that this entire life of mine is but the first chapter in the glorious story You are writing.  These things I see in front of me are perishable, even my own body is perishable; yet Your promises are not.  You have promised to keep me safe in Christ even through the crumbling and dying, finally to raise me as You raised Him, in a body that is imperishable.  You have promised, and You will do it.  Sustain me until that day.  Amen.

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