Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lamentation of the growing baby

"No!" that wonderful word,
the word that has offered me protection, 
made the sisters remove the tiaras, 
removed big brothers from my back!

"No" restored my snacks to my hand,
and preserved my place on the mother's lap.
"No" to brothers, no to sisters that beg the hands of the mother,
No, no siblings,  none of your needs can be so urgent, so desperate, and so cute as the needs of the baby!

The mother carries such power, such majesty when she wields that one word.
She brandishes the "no" with justice, and integrity,
She takes thought for the poor, she has mercy on the lowly, 
She protects the sweet baby of the family.

Are you talking to ME?
Why, O mother, have you turned against me?
Why, do you forget our covenant and hurl the powerful "no" at your dear baby?
I plead with you, recall my sweet baby smell and fat baby thighs,
be not deaf to my coos and my groaning!

"No" rebukes my grabbing hands,  
I grieve the cords and the plants that are left unchewed.
"No" cuts off the flight of the Cheerio;
I mix tears with my food all day long.

How long, O Mother?  
Have mercy on your sweet baby!  
Remember the fruit of your womb,
and restore his freedom!

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  1. Emily- you CRACK me up! I love it!

  2. :)
    remember our Diet Coke poem? It all started back then... hahaha


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