Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday I went with my little flower girls to a wedding rehearsal.

Pastor-daddy quickly went through the motions with everyone.
"You sit here, he stands there, the mothers light the family candle, we do this, we say that, you hold these flowers, we do this, bride and groom light the unity candle, then extinguish the family candles, walk back over here, we pray..."

Extinguish the family candle.  Poof.

Candle lit, candle extinguished.  Childhood.  Poof.

My babies grow, they sprint towards this day, and so soon it will be the family candle that I light that gets blown out.

Lord, may they be ready!  May they bloom and shine like this couple on that day!  Guide and protect each one, along with their future spouses according to Your will, that they may grow in You while their family candles shine, and rejoice together with Your church when they begin the next season of their lives.  Prepare our hearts also for that day of giving-away and change.  

And thank You, Lord, that that day is not today.  Amen.

Me and my first baby, now 8 years old

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  1. That first picture is sweet. Beautiful smiles.


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