Saturday, June 11, 2011

Whoops, I dropped my list!

I am the mom sitting on the beach towel with the goofy smile on her face.

We really should be going.  There’s so much stuff to pack up and there are things to do at home and we really need to get moving along with our day.  

But I have forgotten all of this.  The girls are underwater, up again, giggling, flipping, laughing… and I am remembering my days in the sun with my sister, with my cousins.  I remember “c’mon mom! Just five more minutes!” and I remember the hot sun and cool water.  I remember the sandy snacks and the tangled hair and balancing on the raft.  I remember talking to each other underwater and filling our buckets with minnows.

Just sit, mama.
I sit, with a goofy grin, forgetting my list, remembering. 

This almost never happens!  Whoops! I accidentally remember I have forgotten, but I will myself to keep forgetting. (Like trying to reenter the sweetness of a good dream interrupted.)

Simply to sit, to observe and enjoy, the passing of fun from one generation to the next, the rich inheritance of sweet summer days granted to my dear daughters, this is a blessing.  It is an adult blessing, richer and sweeter and aged.

I observe the works of my hands, the works of His hands. 
I sit with a goofy grin.
Thank you, God.


  1. You're right! I DO LOVE this one! How beautiful!!! And yes, what a blessing, in deed. Thanks for the weekend inspiration, my friend!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Emily. And yes, I love this post. It's *so* good just to sit and be and revel in the beauty of *life*, isn't it???? Hope you are enjoying this summery day!


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