Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gilead: Book: Recommended and Project: Inspired

Book, recommended.
Gilead: A Novel

I read this during vacation.  It is a great book for savoring, a beautifully written story told from the perspective of an old pastor preparing to die, writing a letter to his very young son.  If you are looking for a thoughtful piece of fiction to read, try this one.

A small piece: 

“I wish I could leave you certain images in my mind, because they are so beautiful that I hate to think they will be extinguished when I am. …It is a strange thing, after all, to be able to return to a moment, when it can hardly be said to have any reality at all, even in its passing.  A moment is such a slight thing, I mean, that its abiding is a most gracious reprieve.” p.162

Project, inspired
I am captivated by the premise of this book: An old father, gathering moments for his son so that when he is gone, he can see the world through his father's eyes and know that he was loved.

Moments come and go so quickly, so few are caught and treasured.
Which are most precious? Most important?
Sometimes I see every-day moments that are breath-taking and spectacular.  I want to store them up and show them to my children, later, when they are old enough to understand.

I have started a journal for this purpose.
I call it "My Gilead," and it is addressed to all of my children (in contrast to the birthday letters which are individualized.)  There are no rules. No schedules. I write in it whenever the mood strikes me.

The click of a camera and the chatter of the keyboard: these are the sounds of me gathering treasures for my children.

May the pictures and words I save up for them help them to see the grace I see, and re-rejoice.

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