Thursday, July 7, 2011

I've got them trained...

My boys, they are trained.  
I refer to the crawler and the two-year-old.

They hear the "swish" of the broom, and they immediately come to the dining room and begin to scavenge. 

I didn't know they could move so quickly.  Apparently, to get these two going, I just need to threaten their food source.

Maybe my kids are weird....
Does the sound of sweeping make anyone else's kids salivate?


  1. lol! um, how about cry?? My kids always throw a fit the several times a day I sweep because not only do I sweep up their food source, but their source of entertainment too ;D

  2. Yes, my kids do this. Then, when the food is gone, my one-year-old "swishes" his hands back and forth to send everything in all directions. I'm very fast with a dustpan now.


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