Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Marvelous zoo creatures

We took a trip to the zoo this week.

They marveled at the many and wonderful works of our creative God
While I marveled at them.

There are no creatures on this planet that fascinate me endlessly like these:

my children.

Flesh of my flesh of my flesh, 
life given through my life,
and through his life, 
and from His life.

I sat with this baby
surrounded by zoo smells
and obnoxious dance music
and parents trying to reason with a screaming burned-out two year old
I nursed him behind the bushes
and he slept

and I thought how nice, 
that wherever we are, 
for this little one
if my body is there,
he is at home.


  1. Very, very good, Emily!!

  2. "for this little one, if my body is there, he is at home."

    I love that. I love how "at peace" he looks, without a worry or care, asleep upon the geographical center of his life at this point.

    (p.s. that's what zoo trips always mean to me too - nursing a baby behind a bush!)


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