Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Comfort us Lord

He leads, preaches, comforts, and teaches these things every day.  He has been in trenches that I cannot imagine, and surely I would faint if I were called to do the things my husband-pastor does on a daily basis.

He's the one with the degree, the experience, and the faith for all of this. 
And yet I am here, on the front lines, with these children. 

I am the one who hears the fear in the voice that tells me he's not feeling good.  I am the one that sits and gently pries the truth out of the crying little man.  It is my breast he buries his head in as he quietly confesses, "Mommy, I don't want to die."

I am wholly inadequate for this job.

Oh Father,
Some problems are too big for mere mommy-love.  We face terrors greater than our strength.  Lord, comfort your weak children.  We tremble under the shadow of death together, and there is no place for us to turn but to You.

My arms alone are not sufficient. Combine my embrace with Your strong Word, and make a balm for the soul of this young man.

Under His Wing

Comfort, O comfort us, Your people.

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