Monday, August 15, 2011

New Years Day

My three children are traveling all the way across the back yard to school today.  It amazes me how such a short distance seems enormous.  They are leaving home, MY home, our little haven that we have shared all summer, and for years:  Home, where I get to love on them and care for them, where I feed them and protect them.; home, where mommy makes all owies better with a kiss, and life is sweet and simple. 

They leave home, the place that I imagine I control, and they go to school, a place that I know I do not.

Again reminded that I am a beggar, I beg for them and for myself: 

Heavenly Father,

You have called these children by name: they are Yours.  Be faithful to them as you have promised.   On the playground, protect their bodies.  In friendships, protect their hearts.   As they learn and embrace this new year, nourish their spirits with Your Word.  We do not know if this year will bring blessing or trial or both, but we do know that these are your children, and you love them more than we do.  May this school year be a year that each child learns more of Your great love and faithfulness.   In all things, especially in those things that threaten their faith and lives, hold them close to You. 

Be that refuge for them that I would like to be.

Father, sustain each of those dear people that have agreed to care for the children this year.  May they learn to see each child through Your eyes, and know them all as children loved and welcomed by You.  May they be the hands of compassion for those who struggle, and hands of correction for those who stray.  Give all who work with children abundant wisdom, patience, and love.  When the enormity of their tasks weigh heavily on them, sustain them with a word of encouragement or a glimpse of Your work in a child.  Uphold all teachers and school workers; be their refuge and wrap them in Your grace.

Oh Father, these children:  You have called them by name: they are Yours, not mine.  See, they grow and bloom as they should, yet it is hard for this mommy to keep on growing with them.  Forgive me, Lord, and do what is best for them even when it is hard on my heart. 

Grow me up as you grow them up, Father.

In the name of Jesus I pray,  Amen.

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