Wednesday, August 10, 2011

on and on and on and on and on

Everybody just STOP TALKING!
Seriously, just stop. 

I don’t care who did what to your toy.
I don’t care who got to do that first last time.
I don’t care who was sitting there.
I don’t care who has that when she’s done with it.
I don’t care who took their shoes off in the car.
I do not care if that one is sandy or if that other one has chocolate on his face.
I do not care if someone is singing and you want to sing a different song.
I do not care if you have grass on your shoes.
I do NOT care if someone ALMOST hit you with something.

All I really care about right at this very moment is that you listen to my words:  Go to sleep.
Right now, no more talking.  I cannot handle another word.  Go to sleep.

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God, give me a moment to inhale a bit of quiet. I need healing and rest.  

I need you to make me care again.  Amen.  


  1. I am so feeling this article today Emily! You and I need to have a chat soon. :-) It sounds just like my house and mine are all older. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. ;) It does get better, in some ways, I promise! Although there are days I wish for the mess of little ones running around. You are such a source of encouragement for me. I love your posts and am continually uplifted by them. Thank you so much, dear friend! Blessings to you as you begin this school year. I hope all goes well!

  2. Thank you for this Robyn :) I often think of you and know you could relate with the sheer quantity of kids- and talking, AHHH! Usually a good night's sleep helps my perspective though. I am bracing for the next stage... I would love to chat, and pick your brain for survival strategies :)

    Blessings to you on the new school year too! Sniff, they are one year older! :(

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth!!!!


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