Friday, August 19, 2011

Reclaiming the cool factor?

Oh, the big van.  
It makes a statement alright.  
That statement is not "classy."  It is not "cool" or "hip" or "exciting."
It is is practical, oh so boringly practical.  And you know just by looking at it that it is full of sand and smells like chicken nuggets.

And yet, the kids still want to pretend this family is cool.
That is why they got so excited one day, when we saw this:

"Hey mommy! It's a monster truck.... I mean, a monster VAN!"

"WOW, cool!  Can we do that to MOBY?"

"Look how big and tall it is mommy!  WOW!!!  Can we do it? Can we please?"

"Oh kids, you will have to talk to your daddy about that one.
And I am pretty sure he's going to say no.

Plus, how would we be able to get the grandmothers 
inside Moby if he were that tall?"

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