Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Uniquely blessed

I am uniquely blessed today.

While last night I wondered along with all of you, what on earth can be done to help our dear hurting friends through this valley, today I have been given something very concrete that I can do: watch children.

I am blessed to have Delia's sister Eliza and also four of her cousins here with us today (so the family can get a little rest.)  As I feed and entertain, I also get to sneak in a hug and a prayer here and there.  It is a sweet privilege for me to have something so tangible I can do with my compassion for this dear family.

She's tired from having been at the hospital last night with the family,
but she played cheerfully with the others all morning.

Three two-year-olds.  

She sat in Peter's swing when I put on a "song movie" 
for the little ones after lunch.
While the goofy-looking guy from the 80s sang about Jesus' love for her,
her cousin Eva put a blanket on top of the swing to dim the lights,
covered her with her own blanket that smells of home,
and gently rocked her to sleep.

Though sadness has come to near to this child,
she is right now resting in Your love.
Give rest like this to all who hurt today.


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