Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I have.

The baby screamed for an hour for daddy.  When I returned, we sat together, he ate, and then he closed his eyes in happy contentment.  What an amazing blessing it is to have exactly, completely, what my dear child needs in this moment. 

What do I have, what do I give to him that I did not receive?  Did I invent this perfect system of baby soothing?  Did I fret and research and stock up on the things I thought my son might need?  Did I through effort make my body in such a way as to be the soft flabby pillow that my child needs in this moment?

 Of course not.  God knew what he needed and gave it all to me, and I get to give it to him.

 But these babies of mine, they grow.  And big kids are not so easy to satisfy.  They are learning more reasons for crying and fear, and all cannot be soothed by the softness of a mother’s embrace.

I fret about the days to come.
I fret because I have to give room for the spreading of wings in a terrifying world.
I fret because the problems they face are growing as their years increase.
I fret because I consider my own resources, and they are woefully lacking. 
I fret because I will have to share.  I must trust God to meet needs… and accept that He will often do that without my help.

Yet, He who has promised will be faithful.
Not only to them, but also to me. 

What do I have that I did not receive? 
And what I have lacked thus far?

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You shall lack nothing.
Heavenly Father, You have been faithful to me.  I have received from Your hand all that I have needed so far to care for these dear children.  Yet I worry, Father, as I consider the years to come.  I see my sin and my lack, but You are and will be faithful to provide.  You see me: I am needed, I am needy.  You have given, and You will give again and again according to Your Word, according to Your great mercy that You have shown me in Jesus.  Lead me on, Lord, and fill my open hands with daily bread.  Amen.

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  1. Very comforting words here. We aren't going to run out of grace (or milk)! :) :)


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