Wednesday, September 28, 2011

baby bruises

 If you are going to spend your day wrestling sinners, you are going to get bruises.
This is true even if they are sinners of tiny stature.

You will need bandages and crutches.
You will need to ask for forgiveness and strength.
You will need food for body and soul.
And you will probably limp across the finish line at the end of the day.

The fourth commandment: You shall honor your father and mother.
And when they do not, it is sin.

Yes, sin. Not childish ignorance, selfish ugly sin.
And sin leaves a mark.
To be fair, I mark them too, and daily.  I am not without sin, and sin always hurts the sinner and those around the sinner. But today, I am looking at this from another angle.

Today I am reminding myself that I am often dealing with sin in my little ones.  And though I would rather be immune to sin’s effects, I bear the marks of that sin, of their sin, alongside my own.  My heart is not made of iron, and I do not get to wear armor to work.  Sin stresses me out.  Sin adds darkness and ugly to our days. Sin poisons the air.
And sin does not simply need behavior modification techniques. 
Sin requires repentance and forgiveness.  Sinners need a Savior.
(If I remembered this, I think I would pray more and strategize less.)

And so it is to Jesus I must go, both for the forgiveness of my own sin, and for the healing of the wounds I receive from the sins of others.  For all of us, I pray, Lord have mercy.  

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