Saturday, September 24, 2011

Contradiction in suffering

"Contradiction.  It makes our cross even heavier.  Or is it that the apparent contradiction makes us weaker under the heavy load?  We know God's ability, and we know his promise.  In the here and how we raise our eyes in horror from the bed where our child is pierced with IV lines and wounded from surgery after surgery.  We read our Bible, and we watch our children.  We cry out (or want to cry out), "Lord I believe, but... how can you keep doing this?"

iv drip Pictures, Images and Photos"We are back to the believer's question: Why?  But I must tell you, it is not a question asked quietly or thoughtfully or reverently.  It is a question wrung out of a bleeding soul who is being pressed ever tighter in God's vice.  In the day of trouble, we do not "call upon God" stoically and with good grace; we scream and beg and plead and despair."

from "The Problem of Suffering"
by Gregory Schulz
Northwestern Publishing House

For those that suffer under heavy contradiction, 
under trial and sin and weakness, 
Let us pray to the Lord.
Lord, have mercy.

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