Monday, September 12, 2011

Exercise time

Just keep smiling brothers, 
but make it a charming smile.

Try not to smirk as you think about the irony of this situation:
coming to the park with mother,
who packs our stroller,
and lunches,
and bikes,
who buckles us in,
and drives while we relax,
and unpacks the stroller,
and lunches,
and bikes,
and carries the baby
while she carries a wild hope
that this outing will tire US out!

Just keep smiling brothers.
Anticipate big pushes from the mother
who anticipates a quite nap time.

Let her push, and let her hope.
And when we get home,
let her sleep.


  1. My boys have been begging for buzzes. I usually cut their hair pretty short (with my new electric "clipper" set) but they still complain. And I always try to get their cuts done before Daddy gets home because he could be talked into the buzz idea real quick (and they all know it).

    Your son the right looks like he has a little "Mohawk" type buzz. Oh, how my boys would covet if I let them see this.

  2. Yes he does have a Mohawk. I have little to no opinion on the boys's haircuts. My husband loves the buzz cuts, and the Mohawk was all his idea. And I must say it absolutely fits THIS son of ours. (the others probably couldn't pull it off f they wanted to.) That son of ours is the one who had the concussion last week.

    He dreams of being a police officer or a fire fighter or some other kind of rescue hero.

    Lord direct his manly man-ness! :)


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