Wednesday, September 7, 2011

popcorn brain

An interesting article:  Does life online give you popcorn brain?

On of the absolute most difficult things I do (or try to do) on a daily basis is BE STILL.  Ignore the list.  Engage with life.  Focus all attention on one direction. Do nothing that can be counted as "productive."

Why is this SO incredibly hard for me?

I am goal-oriented to a fault.  I like to be productive, especially when the job can be crossed off a list or started AND completed in one shot.
I am a compulsive multi-tasker.  I tend to do 2,3,or 4 things at once.  When I try to do just one, I get restless!  As if a part of me is being under-utilized, and needs to find something ELSE to do!

Why do I act this way?
I want to feel good about the use of my time (and to do that I think I have to SEE the fruits of my labors)
AND I don't want to be bored.  Ever.

And sometimes, just hanging out with preschoolers can be boring.  And most often, I don't get to see any fruits.  (I don't think the literal fruit that I found smashed underneath the highchair actually counts.)

So I'm glad to be able to pop online and find some mental stimulation and social interaction.  But that article is a good reminder, for me, that I need to pop off sometimes too.  And just be still.  Be still, in the land of jobs unfinished and restless unused parts of me.

Be still, be with, and be for these dear children.

mother and child Pictures, Images and Photos

Restless parts, be silent.
God is growing new parts of my heart right now.

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