Sunday, September 11, 2011

pray what's in front of you

"We who have access to God's grace use our faith 
to approach Him for help 
and to bring His help to others." 

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"In prayer we receive what we need for our daily work. 
 In our daily work we discover what we need to pray for."
 Kleinig, Grace upon Grace, P. 44, 45

Heavenly Father,
(who got us through this weekend's concussion,)
I brace myself for another long day of "doing what's in front of me."  I dread this day because of the stomach flu in this house,  and the trials that go along with sickness.

Fill me with compassion for the sick one(s), and as I nurse them, give me strength and tenderness.  May this trial strengthen in them (and me) the habit of looking to You for strength when the day is difficult.  May it be Your love that fills me and is poured out to them, that they may be truly helped.

Make me kind and compassionate also to the healthy ones, as You know this is sometimes even more difficult for me.  Give me patience with their childishness, and wisdom as I try to direct it in ways that will also allow for rest for the sick ones.  Help them to learn compassion for their siblings. 

Protect those of us who are healthy from this sickness, according to Your will. 

Though this trial is hard on our bodies, may it be good for our souls, as we experience again Your care and compassion, Your faithfulness to us, your children, who are poor and needy.   Fill us with hope and strength as we look forward to that day when You bring us home to Yourself and free us from these trials for eternity.

In the name of Jesus, and by His grace alone, Amen.

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