Tuesday, September 6, 2011

sour treats

It's one thing to make a nice meal for the family, or a special treat for the kids.

It can make you feel like an extra good mommy, especially when it is served up with a smile, when the "thank you's "gush forth, and the mommy smiles and replies, "Oh you are welcome!  I did it because I love you so very much!"

It is another thing to prepare that treat in the kitchen with those people you love in the vicinity.

A child on the floor switches from cupboard-exploring to belt-hanging.  A child on the counter asks "Why are you doing that?" and "What's that called?" and "Can I do that for you?" and "What does this do?"   Two brothers, already thrice banished to rooms, appear again, and wrestle on the carpet in the kitchen, knocking the cupboard-explorer from his feet, and complaining that the food smells so good they simply can't stand it.  As I calm the explorer and banish the brothers once more, I hear an "oops!" from the counter-sitter, and step backwards into a pile of spilled sugar.
May they remember the deliciousness of the treat,
and forget the attitude served on the side.

Alright, everybody! STAY out of the kitchen, OR ELSE! I am just TRYING to make this WONDERFUL TREAT for you because I just LOVE YOU so VERY MUCH!  RRGGGHHH!

Lord of compassion for both moms and kids,
Once pestered by sinners, yet throwing no fits
Be there at our cooking and give us, we pray
Your strength and your patience, in the kitchen today!

(for the real hymn, Lord of all Hopefulness LBW469 click here)

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