Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thing 2 and Thing 1

“It’s snack time!” mom yelled, so to mommy I ran
Mouth watering, eager for snacks from her hand
I stood with my siblings and was happy to see
Not one treat, but TWO kinds of treats before me!

Two plates, two offerings, two sugary sweets
Mom said, “Take your pick! Which would you like to eat?”
“Only one?” I worried, “So I have to choose?
Pick one, and leave one for others to use?”

Thing 1 looked delicious, thing 2 looked so yummy
How could I choose only one for my tummy?
My sisters and brothers chose quickly and ran
Outside in a hurry, sweet treats in their hands

I stared at the plates, wondering, fretting,
How will I know if the best I am getting?
I reached with two hands, hoping mom I would fool,
But she stopped me and said, "Just one, that's the rule!"

I made up my mind, put thing 2 on my plate,
said "thank you" to mommy, then took a bite- WAIT!
Now I see those chocolate-y chips in thing 1!
My eyes filled with tears, OH, what have I done!

I pleaded with mother, can I put this one back?
Can I switch now and choose thing 1 for my snack?
Surely no one will notice that one little bite
mother please, for the love of all things good and right!

But mom just shook her head, closed her ears to my cry
So I gritted my teeth, and I let my snack fly
It sailed from my hand through the air just like that-
Hit mom on the head, then fell with a SPLAT

Now I sit in the corner-
No snacks, and no fun
Because mom would not give me
Both thing 2 and thing 1


  1. HaHAAAA!!! That's absolutely FANTASTIC!! Thanks so much for sharing this post with me...I loved it!

    Smiles, Jenn


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