Monday, October 24, 2011

A completed task

 1. Do whatever will snowball if not done immediately.
Get interrupted. Do something else instead, then go back to the first thing.

2.  Do whatever is annoying me the most.
Get interrupted. Do something else first, then go back to number 2, not immediately, but when the thing annoys you again.

3. Do something ahead of time for dinner because I won’t have the energy this afternoon.
Get interrupted.  Go back to this one in the afternoon when you remember you did not eat lunch.

4.  Get out the thing that will keep them busy for a few minutes while I do another thing.
Get interrupted.  The thing needs fixin'.

5.  Do something on the list in the room where the children are playing because they are starting to act acting like they need me.
Get that almost done before another interruption.  This one is contains bodily fluids, and so goes immediately to the top of the list.

6. Do the thing the loudest child has been loudly pestering me to do all morning.
Get interrupted- by the baby this time.

7.  While they eat lunch, do the thing that I have to do if we are gonna make it.
Food-throwing, fighting, or spills might try to interrupt, but I REFUSE to be sidetracked at this point. I must get ONE thing done from start to finish or I will go CRAZY!

Later in the evening, as I am microwaving something for dinner, I discover my cold coffee there. When the children are in bed, I walk across my half-clean floors, and the crunching noise annoys me.  I rebel, and I keep my eyes fixed on the goal.  I sit in front of the computer, and I write a sentence.  

There it is in its glory---Subject, verb, punctuation mark--- a thought, with a beginning, middle, and end.  It is beautiful.  It is complete.  It turns into a paragraph, or a blogpost.  

Then, I click "publish."

And the children, they sleep.  


  1. beautiful isn't it? :) This was a great start to my day. Thanks.

  2. :D I forget to eat lunch all the time. Drives my husband crazy.


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