Monday, October 17, 2011

labor pains

So here I am again, in my third trimester. 
I am pregnant not with child, but with book. 

The joys of conception are past.  The wonderful first movements of the storyline grew into chapters.  Chapters grew into a completed draft.  The editorial ultrasound revealed health and promise, and now I sit, heavy, with a completed manuscript.

Now I am uncomfortable.  I am being stretched in odd places.  I know nothing about pursuing publishers or designing book covers or marketing or self publishing.  I'd like to just find a shortcut, really, and get the delivery over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.  And I'd like it all done before Christmas.

Oh how I hate third trimester.

I have named my baby though, and I am ready to share that with you.  Are you ready?

Weak and Loved: A mother-daugther love story

It is the story of God's care for Aggie and me during our year of epilepsy and trial.

I'd love it if you would pray for my "baby" until she is born.  Also, if you are someone with advice on this kind of "child"birth, I would recieve it with the gratitude and humility of a first time mother.



    I am a bit of an Amazon fangirl to be sure, but this sounds like a good place to start.

  2. Wish you God’s richest blessings in Christ in this birthing phase. You are a talented writer, and your voice needs to be heard. Keep us informed.



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