Tuesday, October 25, 2011

standing on my head

 My vocation---motherhood---is before me once again today.  I have a Job, rather, innumerable jobs.  Home-making is one of them, hence the list.

And yet, what if the priorities that drive the list are backwards?

Maybe it is the constant interruptions that are my Job.  Maybe the list is secondary to the real Job, or worse!  Maybe it is just filler, just busy-work, just something to keep my hands busy during the lull in the demands of the Real Job!

As a compulsive checker-offer, this is something that is hard to accept.  But, if children are indeed more important than floors and laundry, then it must be so.

So this morning, I am standing on my head, and trying to force my brain to see things from this backwards perspective.

Give me sight, wisdom, and strength for my job today.  Help me to love these children as you do.  Teach me to delight in those duties that I cannot quantify, those important things that cannot be checked off a list.
In Jesus' name, Amen

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