Monday, November 21, 2011

a new season

              My first baby, I wonder if you will remember this day?  It is a major milestone for me.  We are having a “talk,” I hope the first of many, about what is to come as you grow into a woman.  

           Will you know how far out of my comfort zone I am going with this?  Will you believe me when I tell you “I am so excited and happy to see you growing into a young woman,” and when I say “There are so many great things about this next part of your life!”  I do believe that, a little...but I am also a mother looking back, remembering our little years together, wishing we could stay in the safe and warm preschool years for just  a bit longer.  I am a mother who sees your enormous heart and is bracing for the inevitable wounds it will receive.  I am a mother and you are still my baby--and I don’t want to let my baby go out into the elements.  There is so much danger.

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Grow, flower!
                But there is no real choice to “let” you.  You will grow and go whether I “let” you or not.  I am praying that God makes me into a mother who “lets,” who grows with you, and who opens her hand to receive what He has in store for our futures-- together, and separately.  

Jesus, hold us close to each other, 
and close to You.

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