Friday, September 26, 2014


Be not foolish, O my soul, 
and do not let the tumult of your vanity deafen the ear of your heart. 
Be attentive. 
The Word itself calls you to return, 
and with him is a place of unperturbed rest, 
where love is not forsaken unless it first forsakes. 

Behold, these things pass away that others may come to be in their place. 

Thus even this lowest level of unity may be made complete in all its parts. 
"But do I ever pass away?" asks the Word of God. 
Fix your habitation in him. O my soul, commit whatsoever you have to him. 
For at long last you are now becoming tired of deceit. 
Commit to truth whatever you have received from the truth, 
and you will lose nothing. 

What is decayed will flourish again; your diseases will be healed; 
your perishable parts shall be reshaped and renovated, 
and made whole again in you. 

And these perishable things will not carry you with them 
down to where they go when they perish, 
but shall stand and abide, 
and you with them, 
before God, who abides and continues forever.

Confessions, CHAPTER XI

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