Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's so great about babies?

God knows how to give good gifts to his children, and the gift of a newborn is one of the best.  

I'm in the mood for a list.  Will you think on this with me?  Maybe together we can encourage some aching mother, swollen with baby, who in her own burden has forgotten or does not know the joys soon to come.

Maybe, as we reminisce together, we will remember, and re-rejoice in His great works in us and through us as mothers.  (This is my version of the facebook thanksgiving list- or, 1000 gifts of motherhood!)

What IS so great about babies?  What is so great about growing them; meeting them; loving them in that first year of life?

I'll start the list.
In no particular order...  

1.  That first moment, seeing the wrinkly, angry face, and thinking, "Hello, stranger! So YOU are the one who has been making me so uncomfortable!"
2.  Soft and sweet-smelling skin
3.  Clothes that seemed ridiculously small- actually too big!
4.  That pathetic cry that sounds a bit like a goat
5.  Setting baby on my tummy, marveling, "How did this kid actually fit inside of me?!"
6.  Being able to touch my toes again! (I usually celebrate with postpartum toenail painting)

Please add your own thoughts and check back often- I'll be adding to it all week!


  1. Thinking immediately "what did we ever do without you"

  2. Seeing those tiny little hands and fingers and soaking in the beauty of our precious gift. There was something about their perfectly formed hands that put it all together for me and how real it was to touch and snuggle my baby girls.

  3. - For me, "what did we ever do without you," goes right along with the amazed "WOW, you fit just perfectly into our family!" So weird how that works every time. (Even when I wasn't sure if there was ROOM for another one to fit!)

    - the feet. And since they can't walk yet, they are clean enough to kiss.

  4. For me there was nothing more precious and rewarding than nursing my babies! I still miss it :) love the back of their sweet little necks too

  5. Sarah- must be yours didn't get the neck cheese under their necks? :) Hated when I found that, especially if it was right before a well check or something!
    - yes, nursing. It's like having Super Comfort Powers. Milk solves all of life's problems.

  6. Yes it does! I meant a clean back of the neck.lol I was never more relaxed in life than when nursing :)

  7. - a new wardrobe for baby every three months or so
    - ridiculous small shoes, just for decoration
    - little girly bows that stay on baby's head when she's too little to use her hands to grab them off
    - scotch tape holding the bows on if they have no hair!
    - pacifier peace in the car
    - finding them asleep folded in half in the crib, laying right on their own legs- that's flexibility!
    - sucking noises while they sleep
    - when they wake up crying but then see mom and smile with their WHOLE bodies!

  8. - seeing siblings melt, even the macho ones
    - a body small enough to swaddle
    - when they fight the swaddle but then melt into sleep
    - the first rolling over by accident, and the 'what just happened!' look on their face!
    - that delicious and soft newborn skin; and putting smelly lotion on their forehead just for MY sake!
    - the ridiculous bald spot on the back of head
    - baby asleep on daddy's chest
    - tight legs and arms that make it so hard to get them dressed
    - diapers that look like they belong on a doll!

  9. gruntspeak and bright lil bug-eyes

  10. forgetting all these things, then being delighted all over again with the next one

  11. - clenched little fists
    - when they get big enough to grab the pacifier but not big enough to put it back in and they poke themselves in the eye with it
    - when siblings startle them, and they belly laugh. (repeat, times 100)
    - thinking I am not tired, but then nursing a baby and realizing I am, and the warm soft nap that follows
    - when they discover their feet and talk to them like they are new friends
    - the ridiculous floppy head in the baby carseat
    - when baby weighs less than a cat
    - baby so small you can nurse and walk down the hall if you need to
    - seeing baby melt into big sister or daddy or auntie as if they were mom
    - chicken legs that turn chunky so quickly!

  12. - asking yourself "should I take them to the doctor?" and guessing right.


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