Saturday, November 19, 2011

Why it is pointless to write my list in pen

I start the day, full of coffee and hope, ready to use my manifold talents to bless the world.

But where to start?  

I could bless my children with books, thoughtful questions, and intellectual stimulation.  
I could teach them to look outside our home with kindness, and we could bake cookies for a neighbor.  
We could go to the museum.
We could schedule a play date.
We could create art with leaves and acorns.

Or, I could undo some of the damage they have done in my home. 

Like this:

A bottle brush tangled in the mini blinds.  

Really? Seriously?  How does this stuff happen? (among other unhelpful thoughts I think at a time like this.)

Again, I am reminded, that I am not really in charge of the day's activities.

I rebel.  It has been there for two days.  Nobody cares.
But I must take care of it sometime, at least before we host the Christmas party.


  1. I feel like we share a brain (and possibly related offspring) frighteningly often. I can't even tell you how reassuring it is to see that I am not alone.

  2. Hey, if we're gonna go crazy, we might as well do it together! :)

  3. One of those times again when I think you can see inside my mind (and home). Exactly my challenge today

  4. I think someone was trying to help you clean the blinds :)

  5. Ha. I just saw this post. And the bottle brush in the mini blind is making me feel deja vu-ish, although I can't quite pin down the exact reason.

  6. Oh how often this stuff happens. And I can't help but rebel- THAT was not on my list today! I am NOT taking care of that right now, thank you very much!!!

    But nobody notices my rebellion. Oh well. It's the principle of the thing.


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