Monday, December 19, 2011

Bad goat.

I put my head down like a goat and I barrel through my day.  

I blame the list: that list, that TOO LONG list, of things I need to get done!  When the list is too long I feel overwhelmed, and I try to accomplish more things more quickly. I focus, and I go, and go, and go... working toward that magical point when I am caught up enough to finally relax.

Though I work all day, still I do not reach the peace of a clean list.  Things get in my way.  
People. Little people.
I don't get caught up.  
But I keep barreling, and before I know it, we are just surviving.

Until, by the grace of God, I realize what I am doing.  Last week, it was the words of a friend that reopened my eyes:

"Don't let survival mode take over.  Take time to breathe and enjoy each day."

I have had this conversation with myself before, but I am all the time forced to learn the same thing again.
Look up!
Open your eyes to the grace all around you!
Don't miss it in the rush of "getting stuff done!"

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Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

See?  Even a goat can look up!

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