Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let it snow!

From where I'm standing I see...

Our trusty 15 passenger van.  His name is Moby.

Glad we got a little snow here in Michigan this week, even if it wasn't on Christmas.

A van that could theoretically be just as clean as any other car inside.  It is not.

I feel...

Like people driving by probably think I am strange for taking a picture of my van in the snow.

I hear...

My children pounding on the window, asking me why I just ran outside with my camera.

I wonder...

If maybe I should get some kids to come out here with me so I don't feel so ridiculous.

I worry...

that my mom is about to grab the camera and take a picture of me!


I think it is pretty sweet that my mom still likes to take pictures of her little girl playing in the snow.

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