Wednesday, December 7, 2011

from where I'm standing...

I see...

  • A boy who does not want to let go of Halloween for Advent.
  • A hole in his tights, "from fighting Captain Hook."
  • A dagger, purchased by grandma, who also made the costume.
  • A boy who thinks the huge Christmas tree painted by his sisters makes a perfect hideout.
  • A hole in the wall, leading to the laundry room. They think it they are so clever when they yell through it.
  • Pillows from the hand-me-down couches that have been handed down again, from us to our kids. And the dog.
  • The  box from our new Christmas tree. That box has been a boat, a baby pen, a car, and a bed so far today.
  • Peter Pan, who will morph into Popeye and ask for spinach at lunch.
  • A child who will pout when told he cannot nap with his dagger.

Your turn! 

Take a picture,
list what you see, 
and link up with me!  

from where i'm standing...

1 comment:

  1. love it! i was so excited to see peter (pan and baby) visit us during mom's group. :)


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