Tuesday, December 20, 2011

generosity: who are the teachers?

From a reader:

"At one of the schools where I teach, the free and reduced lunch rate is a around 90%. Most of our students live in poverty, many deal with extreme poverty and homelessness. For the next few weeks, the kids are doing a canned food drive. I'm not sure if the kids realize that many of the people whom the food drive services are their classmates. One family was so glad that the kids are learning lessons about helping others that they sent $20 to school with their fifth grade child to help with the food drive. When the classroom teacher told the class about the donation, another girl walked to her backpack and handed $10 to the teacher. Her mom had told her she could spend it on what she wanted; she decided to use it for others instead of buying herself something. Sometimes it seems like we, the adults, need to sit back and learn these lessons from kids."

So true.

I love those moments when generosity flows out of a child's heart just as naturally as laughter.  One of my children is unique in this way. She is the one who lives-to-give.  I think she may be related to Santa Claus somewhere down the line.  She honestly thinks giving to others is better than chocolate.

The other day the child that has been voted "most likely to join the mafia" (in an unofficial poll) had one of those such moments.  His two-year-old little brother was about to walk out in the rain, and he was carrying his precious blanket, letting it drag on the ground.  My tough guy noticed the problem, said "Oh no! Blankie! Let me help you with that!"  He followed behind the two-year-old, carrying the tail of Blankie like it was the train of a dress.

Such a small thing, but it left me stunned.
Source: flickr.com via Janice on Pinterest

I pray God opens my eyes to catch these moments in all of the children. In between the fits and the fighting, these are little signs of growth. This is truly the work of God, who alone performs the miraculous work of growing hearts and teaching them to love.  Lord, help me see!

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