Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things I should not have to say, and yet, I have said them

There's a moment when whatever-it-is comes out of my mouth, and I think, "Has my life really come to this?"

I know that being a mother means being a teacher, and I do love that part of my vocation.  I love their curiosity, (usually) and they way they are so eager to sit by me, to read with me, for hours if I am willing.

But some things, I did not think I would have to teach them:

Just look at the dead frog. DON'T try to eat him.
Don’t hack in the silverware drawer!

No, you can’t wear your pirate patch to Sunday school!

Paper airplanes are not for eating!

If you're thirsty, tell me! Don't suck a marker dry!

Honey, you can’t just eat handfuls of flour!

It is ok to pretend to be a dog, but PLEASE don’t really lick each other!

Don’t swing from the fridge door!

NO!!!  Not on your brother, in the potty!

Tell me, what have you said that you should not have to say?



  1. "That's my dirt pile! Please don't eat out of it!"

    "If you can't be nice with your dagger I'm going to have to take it away!"

  2. Don't lick the bottom of daddy's shoe!

    Get that crayon out of your nose!

    Did you eat all of your lip gloss?

  3. Ha, Chiara, my kids eat their lip gloss too!

    And we had a whole theological discussion on shoe licking one day:


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