Monday, January 30, 2012

Contest winners!

Question Mark Pictures, Images and PhotosThank you everyone who submitted questions!  Watch the blog for the compiled list, coming later this week! The questions are so fun they might make you look forward to your next road trip with the kids! (almost)

I struggled to choose between the top two conversation-generating questions, when I suddenly realized they were both submitted by the same person!

Creative Genius: Katie Jo

The top two questions: 

What would you do if you had the chance to replace one of your hands with any type of food you wanted. You can only choose one thing for it to be for the rest of your life, but it will keep growing back every time it is eaten or removed. Would you? Why or why not?

This was a great question. At first, all the children thought of their favorite food and how wonderful it would be to have it permanently accessible.  But soon, they realized some of the things they would not be able to do if they had only one hand: climb trees! play on the monkey bars! play the piano!

And how gross would it be to swim with a pizza hand!

And imagine, when you get married and you're dressed so beautifully in your wedding dress... wouldn't a hamburger hand look a little ridiculous?

It was fun to watch them struggle:
Oh man, I really really like hamburgers... but I like to do stuff too... but I really like hamburgers...

In the end, only one of the children decided there could be no potential problem that would outweigh the joy of having ever-available hamburgers at hand.

What would you do if you could trade places with anyone (living? or historical?) in the world for a day? Who would you be and why? 

Some of them would trade places with a classmate. We had fun imagining what another family would be like- and what their friends would think of being part of OUR family for a day!

But Aggie melted my heart. She said she would want to trade places with Nana for a day.
"That way, when the Cook kids came to visit me, I could give them all their chocolate milks."
She and her Nana both have that beautiful generous spirit!

The Lucky One, chosen randomly via


With the question: 
What would you do if Jesus invited you to ascend into heaven now? Would you go, or would you stay? What would you do if you stayed here?

These sweet little pastor's kids, on their way to Disney world, unanimously voted for going to heaven now. They acted as if it were not a question at all.  This makes me think.. perhaps they are more well-trained than I realize, at least in answering questions the way a good Christian is supposed to answer them.

(If I consider that question seriously, there is much thinking and wrestling involved.)

Then again, maybe it had something to do with the torturous van ride we just endured on the way to Florida.  
There will be no stomach flu in heaven, praise God.

WINNERS- Please email me your mailing address and I will send you a book right away!

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