Tuesday, January 10, 2012

getting ready...

 From where I'm standing I see...

someone who thinks he is very clever.

  • Boys that can't go anywhere while I shop-vac the front of the van. Genius.
  • A baby who seems to think the back of the van is his own personal dance floor.
  • Smudgy windows. I doubt I will get to those.
  • My baby who knows he can disarm me with those dimples.
  • Boys NOT touching each other, or yelling about someone touching someone. (I think I snapped the only moment like this in the entire morning.)
  • Kids who have no idea they are going on vacation soon! (please don't spoil the surprise!)
  • Kids who should suspect something is strange because mommy is cleaning the van and nobody even threw up in it first.
  • A van that is going to have to contain a LOT of energy for a many hours...

From where I'm standing I suspect...
that it is going to be a trying car ride.

But maybe not- with your help!
Keep those good questions coming!

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