Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More good questions

Just for fun, I’m adding a few questions of my own!

If you could choose between living for one year at the zoo (in a cage) or living for one year in the woods all by yourself, which would you choose?  What would be good and bad about each of these?

If you had to talk in an unusual voice for an entire year,
which voice would you choose: Elmo, Darth Vader, or Elmer Fudd?
Source: fastcharacters.com via Emily on Pinteres

If you could choose between living in a house with NO babies, and living in a house with 50 babies, which would you choose and why? (hmm.. hitting close to home here!)

If we could build a house big enough for our entire family (extended family, both sides), would you want to?  Which 3 relatives would you want to share a room with?  Are there any relatives that you think might NOT want to room together?

If Moby (our van) could talk, what would he say? What would you ask him?

Ask a good question to win my book!
Help me survive an upcoming road trip!

I intend to compile the list into an easy-to-use format for you! (Just be patient with me after contest close- I am still working on the logistics!)

Together, we can make road trips with small children
more tolerable!

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