Saturday, January 28, 2012

Things I should not have to say in the van

Don't lick the windows!
Yes, we are getting closer.

Don't chew on your brother's seat belt!
Don't chew on your BROTHER!

Don't eat stuff you find on the floor!
Pick that hamburger up off the floor and eat it! I'm not buying you another one!
Yes, we are getting closer.

Stop making that NOISE!
Nobody touch anybody for the rest of the trip. I'm serious.
Do you want me to forbid talking until we get to Florida? (What's "forbid?")

No, I do not have any chicken nuggets in my bag.
No, I did not pack three blankets for you. You will be OK with one this week.

YES, we are getting closer!

But this vacation, my least favorite thing I should not have to say that I said over and over and over again...


  1. That is great. Like most of us who have weathered the parent storm, we look back now and laugh. The day will come for you, too. Thanks for a look inside the “perfect life of a family of 8.”

    Hey, you could write a book about this! Or even a TV mini-series... or....

    Just blog about.

  2. I'm still laughing -- thank you for sharing! Why is it this stuff is so funny AFTER the fact and during it so often feels like, well, torture? Maybe that's part of the humor, too.

  3. i don't know how long your trip to florida was, but i like that threat no talking until we get to florida. found you at finding the funny.

    1. LOL no talking to Florida, and also, there are NO potties between here and Florida.

      Our trip was like 16 hours I think. Not counting the time we spend cleaning up puke.

  4. Car trips, where absurdity thrives.


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