Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weak and Loved: snippets of 2011

A few "Weakandloved" highlights from 2011.
Randomly chosen just for the fun of it.

The first of many grunt interpretations:
How can you say to your brother, 'Brother, let me ridicule the boogers on your face,' when you yourself fail to see the layers of crust on your own face? You hypocrite! First wipe the crust from your own face, and then you will see clearly enough to to teach good hygiene skills to your brother!
It is so much fun to probe the mind of an Alpha Kitchen Buddy and little boys fighting temptation.

On the professional side of things,
I discovered and coined a new condition: PTSSD
I performed various experiments on my children
and wrote a well-respected manual for children
A two-year old's guide to fit-throwing

And in times of grief and tragedy I prayed, O Lord, Open my Ears,
and wrote other reflections on the life, death, and Life of baby Delia, and brother in Christ Alan.

One little post turned into a few more, and I am surprised at how many of you share my struggles.  I will come back to this topic in 2012, though I can't help to hope that I only revisit in in memory and in theory. Friends who have been or are in the pit, let us continue to hold each other up in prayer.

Memorial Mondays: I remember life as an army wife.

And here at the end of the year I find I am still Kicking it in at night, hurrying through tasks and forgetting that love is given slowly, with open eyes and hands that receive that which they are told to give.

Yet Immanuel, God-with-us, meets me here in the noise and the mess and the exhaustion.

And I end the year as I began.

Weak and loved.

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