Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Survival Idea #1 Forbid something random

They were getting bored with their toys. They rode bikes in circles as I tried to do the laundry, but I could sense they were bumping each other just a little too hard to be having fun for long.

Marcus squealed and crashed into a box, knocking down my tennis shoes. He got off his bike to pick them up, and I jokingly yelled, "Marcus! What are you doing with my shoes!!! You BETTER not be touching my running shoes!"

Whenever I use the pretend-angry tone of voice, he gets the stinker sparkle. 

He grabbed the shoes and ran.

Suddenly I realized something: I had just turned my SHOES into the most-desired toy in the entire house!

They swiped, I chased, they ran away laughing.

The shoes retaliated:

Winter survival tip #1 noted: Forbid Something Random.
A joking prohibition will turn whatever-it-is into a coveted piece of fun.

I wonder if this will work with broccoli?

(How are you surviving the winter? Welcoming comments and guest posts!)

1 comment:

  1. That is so fun when those spontaneous moments happen. We've been sorta snowed in, or rather iced in, which means no school and no outside play. So we are trying to keep creative here with what to do . Oh, almost forgot, NO POWER for two days either!!!
    I'm writing this comment on my husband's iPad. So maybe I'll see what I can randomly forbid for fun... Besides POWER! :-/


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