Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Survival Idea #2 Kitchen fun

Source: via Wona on Pinterest
My girls like to make calzones (grill or bake in oven). We make pizza dough (they can knead it and everything), roll it out, choose the toppings they want (or add things like purred spinach where they can't see) fold them over, sprinkle cheese or whatever on the outside. We sometimes make sweet dessert versions with fruit or chocolate too. Papa murphys has a s'mores pizza that looks yummy.

You could also do a flat pizza and cut out pizza dough shapes for on top.

Putting the sauce (or spinach purée - green slime anyone?) in squeeze bottles helps.

--- tip from Carrie. 

This idea is great for many reasons
- kneading keeps them busy for a few minutes
- it is a practical project- they get to eat the finished product!
- supposedly kids eat better when they help make the food. 
- you can allow some creative expression on the inside of the calzone with very little aesthetic consequences for the end product!
- I love pizza and all things pizza related.

Thanks, Carrie! 

Here's to all of us moms and kids making it through this winter!

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