Friday, February 3, 2012

My ridiculous job

My son looked at me with puffy eyes, hiccuping his words between sobs... "Will it have to go in the trash?  I don't want it to go in the trash!"
He could hardly stop his crying to get the words out.

Whoopie Cushion Pictures, Images and PhotosOver what?

A broken whopee cushion.
Yes, seriously.

You can imagine the ranting that was going on inside my head over this emotional display about a two dollar toy that farts.

I am sure I said a few unhelpful things.

In fact, I was seething.
This kid was being RIDICULOUS.  And it was highly inconvenient, I might add, considering all this laundry that needs folding.

I told him to sit and get himself together while I worked on the laundry.  He stared at the toy on the ground, took a few deep jagged breaths, and then collapsed into a flood of sadness all over again.

I tried to block it out. He sobbed.
I folded. He hiccuped.
I matched some socks. He sniffed.

I took a deep breath. I looked at the hymns I have posted by the dryer.
(I post them there to have something to fill my head with other than complaints while I deal with inside-outs and sock trauma. Sometimes it helps.)

While life's dark maze I tread, 
while griefs around me spread, 
be Thou my guide...

Griefs around me. I paused.

Seriously, a broken whopee cushion can't count as grief, can it God?  
Doesn't he know that there are so many more horrible things in this world to be crying over!?, actually he doesn't.
He was having fun, and the fun broke.  In his world, that is horribly sad. 

[inner eye-roll.]

OK fine, God, if I am supposed to care about this stupid whopee cushion, what do you want me to do about it?

You don't have to care about that. 
Care about him.

I took another deep breath. I walked away from the unfolded clothes and I asked him to come give me a hug. (Hugs are great for those times I'm not sure I can stop the eye-rolling.)

I hugged him, and he seemed relieved. We talked about how sad it is that stuff breaks, that none of the things we have last forever. (OK, I remember.  He's right, that is sad.)

We talked about how much better it will be in heaven when we have eternal life and there will be no more tears and no more broken stuff.

"But mommy, it's gonna be a long, long time until Jesus comes."

"We don't know that, honey. But we can look forward to it together."

For the rest of the day I was laughing at myself.
I just sat with a child in his whopee-cushion grief and pointed him to Jesus.
This job is ridiculous.

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  1. Oh my I love this post! I've been there myself dozens of times! Never over a whoopie cushion though. I think you win the prize for silliest thing to grieve over. But I loved the way you handled it. Perfect! We do have to bend down to be with our kids in their silliness, in their messiness, in their grief over broken toys. And the hugs to hide the eye rolling!! Excellent! :) Thanks for the giggles.

  2. :) Thank you jenny. I am still laughing about the weirdness of it all. And believe me, I have had about a million other situations like this that I simply handled with "unhelpful sayings." :)

    Learning to bend down there... slowly! :)

  3. Whoopee cushion, confession, absolution, and eternity... all in one post. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh, cry (been there), or rejoice. Guess all three.

    Thanks, Emily.

  4. Oh, you are an amazing mommy! Love this story- I could add a few eye-rolling tales to this one :) But I just adore what God showed you. Care about him- enter into your child's grief. Use it to point to Jesus. That's the privilege of motherhood, isn't it? So glad I stopped by from Michy's today. Blessings from Iowa

    1. Thanks Alicia! I have probably had a million other chances to give this lesson and missed it... but that day, God opened my eyes and sat me right down in the "grief" with my child :) What a weird, and blessed job we have!

      Welcome to you- any friend of Michy's is a friend of mine! :)

    2. The priveledge of motherhood...what a wonderful way to explain our blessed role. :) So great to see fellow linkers from Faithfully Parenting Friday interacting with heart and soul!!! Blessings, Michy

    3. Emily---loving your welcoming nature!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Being so open to God...what possibilities....
      Blessings dear friend!
      :) michy


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