Wednesday, February 8, 2012

that moment when you should be mad but you grab the camera instead...

I'd been The Wall for Little Boys to Bash Their Heads Upon all day long.  
I was sore, and tired, and I had lost the ability to respond to "crisis." 
I was numb, and a little loopy (from all the head-bashing, I'm sure.)

It was not a scream, but a suspicious crinkle that tore me from my therapeutic blogging..

And behold, I saw this:

From where I'm standing, I see:
A Cheerio Disaster
with Saggy Pants

A boy who thinks he's very clever,
but knows he should be in trouble.
He's wondering why mom is giggling like that...
He doesn't care. He poses proudly.

Then, he slips.

From where I'm standing I see
a boy scared and a tiny bit humbled.
(by the fall, not the exposed bottom).

Whole Grain. 
Great for eating and decorating.

Great for skating, and falling.
Why not just make a Cheerio angel while you're down there, sonny?

From where I'm standing I see:

the price of blogging.


  1. :D I went through one of these moments two days ago, although I didn't grab my camera, despite the strongest of temptations. While I was filling the dishwasher, my back turned, my son was climbing up onto his little rocking chair. Suddenly I heard a proud "Mama!" and I turned and looked. He was standing precariously on this unstable seat and he looked SO proud of himself. I wanted SO DESPERATELY to take a picture - but the danger was too high.

  2. Love, love, love that second picture! It would make a great ad for Cheerios. :)

  3. That is great. That is one face it would be hard to look at and not smile (and inwardly relish the cuteness of), even if you were supposed to be scolding him that second.

    Yes, grabbing the camera was definitely the right choice on this one. :D


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