Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What's so great about big kids?

OK, I admit it. I'm dragging my feet, looking back at those baby days.  I already KNOW what's great about babies, and the great things are pretty great.

But my first baby turned nine yesterday.  And it turns out, nine is pretty cool too, in its own way.

Her personality is shining.  She is becoming her own person. I am learning to celebrate that. For example:

That's a candle in a brat. At her request.

Note to self: 
next time you sing happy birthday over hot meat products, 
don't put the candle right IN the meat 
(it melts, of course!)

So I'm opening my eyes this week, and trying to see those things that are so great about big kids. Will you help me make my list? 

(I'm thinking early elementary here. I'll go back one of these days and delight in the forgotten but wonderful middle toddler and preschool children.)

What's so great about big kids?
  • They can play volleyball with me!
  • They can help with the little kids.
  • They understand sarcasm!
  • They can read great books.
  • They get excited about new shoes that I would have bought them anyway. 

That's all I have time for this morning, but I am going to try to keep thinking on this throughout the week. Think with me, will you?  Tell me something you love about big kids!

God, help me spend less time pining after the gifts of the past.  Open my heart and my eyes and show me the gifts you have for me in THIS season. In Jesus, Amen.


  1. I LOVE that my big kid is learning the responsibility that comes with being a 7th grader! He was proud of himself when he got his science study guide completed ahead of time, instead of at the last minute. He was proud of himself when he brought said study guide home for me to quiz him. That makes me ONE PROUD MAMA! I love seeing them proud of their more adult-type accomplishments.

    What a good thing to ponder. Thank you.

  2. Today: Big sister feeling sick, so little sister gets her some ice water and her DS ... unprompted. So sweet.

  3. Oh, and yesterday, Big Sister begged me to let her rock the baby to sleep "because I did it the other night mama, and he LOVED it, so can I do it again, can I please?"

    1. And how can you say "No" to that?!

      On another note, I'd like to share some info with you on a PWs retreat. I'm not sure how to contact you though. I do get your recent posts in my inbox. Can I use that link??

  4. that should work... if not you can email to emilymariecook AT gmail DOT com :)

  5. Big sisters can watch the babies so I can get a shower on a saturday morning!!! What a rare treat!!!

  6. They call the younger children "The Kids" like you and husband do... Always makes me smile. My oldest, a son, turned 9 on the 22nd. I also love the "Will watch the babies so I can take a shower!" post! Add to that, will help with the kids when mommy has to play the organ at church... :)

  7. "The kids" YES, I love that! :) With that little sideways glance, too, knowing they share secret wisdom and authority with the Parents (and really, they do to a point!) :)


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